Swanmore Recreation Ground - As trustees of the Recreation Ground Charity the Parish Council has provided a pavilion, football pitch, cricket wicket and a children's play area.

New Road Playing Field
- Purchased in recent years this area has added to the open space in the Parish and provides further football pitches, basketball court and activity equipment for older children.

Brook Meadow - Adjacent to the New Road Playing Field this is an area of open space, the only area where dogs are allowed.

Green's Wood and Marsh's Meadow - Recently transferred into Parish ownership, this area of mixed woodland and two meadows is open to all. A detailed Management Plan has been produced by our local Conservation Group and work to enhance the area is ongoing.

Medlicott Way - A small area of open space within the housing development, recently transferred from the District Council.

Lighting - The Parish Council is responsible for many of the footway lights in the parish whilst the County Council remains responsible for the rest.

Bus Shelters and Seats - The shelters and some seats within the village are the responsibility of the Parish Council.