Open Spaces & Amenities
Chairman - Cllr A Graft
Vice Chairman – Cllr R Selway
Cll P Ansty                   
Cllr A Rankine
Cllr C Newhouse 



Planning & Highways
Chairman – Cllr D Newberry
Vice Chairman – Cllr J Woodman
Cllr P Clive
Cllr P Ansty                         
Cllr K Barber




New Road Project
Chairman – Cllr P Ansty         
Cllr A Rankine                    
Cllr D Newberry                  
Cllr C Newhouse                 
Cllr A Graft


Finance & General Purposes:
Chairman of the Council
Vice Chairman of the Council
Chairman – Open Spaces & Amenities
Chairman – Planning & Highways 
Chairman – New Road Project   

Working Groups

Village Design Statement: Cllrs J Woodman, P Clive and D Newberry
Christmas Festival: Cllrs P Clive, A Rankine, A Graft and Mrs V Newhouse.
Staffing: Cllrs J Woodman, A Rankine, P Clive and A Graft
Village Car Park Extension: Cllrs J Woodman, P Clive, P Ansty, A Graft, D Newberry


Community College Facility Management Committee – Cllr P Ansty
Droxford Charities – Cllr P Clive
Hampshire Association of Local Councils - Cllr J Woodman
PACT (Partners and Community Working Together) - Cllr A Rankine
Winchester District Association of Parish Councils - Cllr J Woodman

The members shall only represent the views of the Parish Council, and submit a full written report of the meeting attended to the Clerk for inclusion as part of the agenda for the appropriate meeting (committee or Full Council). Any recommendations from the outside body need to be referred to the committee or the full Parish Council as appropriate before the member is permitted to pass on any views or decisions on behalf of the Council.