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Contract(s) Start: 1st April 2020
Contract(s) End: 31st March 2023
Location: Six sites across the parish of Swanmore
Value over 3 years: £69,000 - £99,000
Deadline for tender submission: Tuesday 5th November 2019

To request the ITT & supporting documents please e-mail: projectsofficer@swanmorepc.org.uk

All tenders must be submitted on SPC paperwork.

Traffic Survey 

Excessive speed in and around rural villages is an all too common issue and as your Council we have and will continue to work to improve the situation where possible. In order to support our work, in particular with Hampshire Highways and Hampshire Police we commissioned a number of speed surveys across the village and produced a report with an analysis of the findings.

This report will not only help influence our decision making, it will strengthen the advice we give, for example when developers approach the Council with possible schemes, we will have a supporting document which highlights why consideration to infrastructure is essential.

We also hope the report also gives residents an insight into a key area of concern in the village.

As a Parish Council we have limited options in how we can improve road safety in the village, however we have been working on a number of projects which we hope will alleviate some of the problems.

  • improving the signage and village entrance gates on Hill Pound to help regulate speed
  • additional dropped kerbs around the village to ease access
  • improving the entrance to the Village Hall and crossing points by the College to make it safer.
  • improved LED Streetlighting to provide safer footways
  • village centre car park extension to help with the on-street parking issues we have
  • speed enforcement on Gravel Hill,
  • the Gravel Hill/Forest Road junction is undergoing improvements following a review by the Hampshire Casualty Reduction Partnership


We will continue to work on this key area within the village, and where required seek the support of Hampshire Highways and Hampshire Police in order to continue the positive improvements we have already made.

Please click here for the report