Your Council

How your Council works

The Parish Council comprises 10 members who are elected every four years by the electors of the parish.
The responsibilities of the Council are many and varied and are specified in Acts of Parliament. These powers relate to planning, provision of recreational facilities, community transport, footpaths, street lighting, certain aspects of highway maintenance, litter, open spaces, traffic calming etc.

The Parish Council operates a committee system and most of the business is delegated to them. Committee meetings are generally held every 4-8 weeks. 

The Full Council meets every other month where the decisions or recommendations by the committees are resolved.

Council members, who are unpaid, undertake many duties from checking on highway matters, commenting on planning applications, attending many meetings and events on behalf of the parish, as well as dealing with the general business of the Council.

The Council Committees prepare their budget in October each year, these are then considered by the Finance Committee. A final budget is agreed by the Council in December and a precept request forwarded to the District Council. The money is paid to the Parish Council by the District Council in late April and September each year. There are other sources of finance available including various grants.

Accounts are audited by District Audit each year.  

The Annual General Meeting of the Council is held each May, when elections for Chairman, Vice Chairman and Committees are held.

The Annual Parish Meeting is held between March and May each year and is a meeting which all electors of the parish can attend. The purpose of this meeting is to allow the Parish Council to report what it has been doing over the past year. It also enables electors to speak about anything they consider important although only electors of the parish may speak and vote at the meeting.