Winchester Local Plan – Update 18th May 2022

Winchester Local Plan – Update 18th May 2022


Under the new Winchester Local Plan, Swanmore has been asked to find space for an additional 90 - 100 houses within the development sites that are being promoted by land owners/developers. At the beginning of April, we held drop-in sessions at the Parish Council office asking residents to tell us where they would put the houses.


We were really pleased with the response, getting to meet and chat with so many residents and receiving 200 survey responses, which we have now processed. 


Everyone who came to the drop-in sessions was asked to choose the sites where they would put the houses if they had to. Some residents may have only picked one site, and some more.  There were no limitations. The sites with the most votes were SWA15 (land South of Forest Road), SWA16 (Filditch Farm, Forest Road), SWA6/21 (land adjacent to Belmont Farm, The Lakes) and SWA09 (options a or b, land South of The Lakes). Please see the document below for the full results.


The Council discussed the survey at their meeting last night and agreed that they will look further at the top 4 sites to find the most suitable way of allocating 90 to 100 houses.


As well as looking at the survey results, the Council considered the following in reaching this decision:

  1. Feedback from the drop-in sessions;

  2. The local knowledge gathered last year in relation to individual sites;

  3. The planning experience and knowledge of the Council;

  4. Dialogue with Winchester City Council Planning Authority


There are still outstanding pieces of information which we need from Winchester and which make it difficult for us to finalise a response. We will continue to challenge Winchester about the calculations and method of housing allocation across the district. In the meantime, we are as ready as we can be to respond to Winchester by the end of May as requested.