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Committee membership and outside representatives


The Open Spaces & Amenities

Committee is responsible for maintaining and developing key recreational facilities and open spaces within Swanmore parish as well as monitoring the biodiversity of its conservation areas.

The Committee supports:

  • Sports: football pitches, "multi use games area' (MUGA), pump track, skate park, and running tracks.

  • Recreational: play equipment, play areas, open spaces, Marsh’s Meadows and Green’s Wood.

  • Village amenities: car park, benches, litter/dog refuse bins, and some village signage.

  • The environment: tree maintenance, tree, habitat and biodiversity surveys, hedges and ditches, gates and fences, ponds and footpaths and all other environmental issues.


Councillor Chris Newhouse- Vice Chairman

Councillor Richard Ladd-Jones

Councillor Pete Ansty

Councillor Andy Rankine

Councillor Simon Campbell-Gurry

The Planning and Highways Committee meets each month and is kept busy with a range of responsibilities including: 

  • commenting on planning applications,

  • highways maintenance – in conjunction with Winchester and Hampshire councils,

  • road safety,

  • footways,

  • street lighting, and

  • street environment


Councillor David Newberry - Chairman

Councillor Jon Woodman- Vice Chairman

Councillor Richard Ladd-Jones

Councilor Penny Clive

Councillor Steve Johnston


The Finance Committee comprises the chairman and vice-chairman of the Parish Council, the chairmen of the other two committees plus additional representation. Its main focus is on monitoring expenditure to ensure the council is delivering services within budget.


Councillor Jon Woodman - Chairman

Councillor Pete Ansty - Vice Chairman

Councillor Penny Clive

Councillor David Newberry


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