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West Hoe Cemetery


West Hoe Cemetery was started in 1982 as a joint venture by Bishop’s Waltham and Swanmore Parish Councils, as the churchyards in both parishes were becoming full and it was important to retain a suitable local burial site for residents.

The site is consecrated and includes sections for both burials and the interment of cremation ashes; there is sufficient space within the site (and in adjacent land earmarked for its future use) for further expansion, so the cemetery is likely to remain available for use for at least a further 50 years.


In 2019 a small parcel of land adjacent to the cemetery car park (outside the consecrated area) was opened as a pet cemetery for the interment of small animals’ ashes. An area within the cemetery has also been planted as a wild flower meadow to provide a less formal environment for the interment of ashes, for those who prefer to leave their loved ones’ remains in a more natural setting. To find out further information on the pet cemetery you can visit Bishops Waltham Parish Council website.


The cemetery is managed by a committee comprising three councillors from each of the two parishes with chairmanship of the committee rotating between the parishes on an annual basis. While the cemetery strives to be self-funding, additional financial support is provided by both Bishop’s Waltham and Swanmore Parish Councillor (in the proportion 2:1) as required.

Residents of both parishes have the right to be buried (or their ashes interred) within the cemetery and are charged significantly lower fees than for “out of area” interments.



The cemetery is located in Hoe Road between Bishop’s Waltham and Swanmore and seasonal opening hours are displayed at the entrance. The site also includes a number of benches and a small “contemplative area” adjacent to the lych gate.


There is plenty of space for car parking adjacent to the entrance drive, although only authorised vehicles are permitted beyond the lych gate.


Leaflets giving further information about the cemetery, pet cemetery and meadow are available from Swanmore Parish Council office or you can contact the clerk to the cemetery at or visit the Bishops Waltham Parish Council website

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