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Rights of Way


Kings Way
Runs from Porchester to Winchester and was planned by Hampshire Ramblers Association in honour of a leading early member. It enters the parish from Soberton along path.No.17 and follows path.No.13 and path.No.9 to exit into Waltham Chase and thence to Bishops Waltham.


The Hampshire Millennium Pilgrim's
Trail from Winchester to Portsmouth. Enters the parish along Path.No.9 following Bishops Wood Road to leave on Path.16

The Wayfarers Walk
Emsworth to Inkpen Beacon near Newbury. Passes just to the north of the parish from Droxford across the golf course towards Alresford.

There is a network of Public Rights of Way throughout Hampshire, including many through the parish of Swanmore. These can be viewed on the Hampshire County Council website.

Some information about the Rights of Way in the Parish of Swanmore is detailed below. A copy of the footpath map is available at the Parish Council Office.


No.1. From near the top of Damson Hill downhill through Phrypth Wood to a track with the wood on one side and a narrow belt of Yew trees on the other. Beyond the parish boundary the path joins Dundridge Lane.


No.2. From the junction of Damson Hill with Park Lane (where there is a good view towards Waltham Chase) to the track by Jervis Lodge along field boundaries.


No.3. From Hampton Hill opposite the top of Vicarage Lane this path runs past arable fields crossing path No.2 and joins Jervis Court Lane near West Hoe.


No.4. From opposite Jervis Lodge through pasture to Hampton Hill. This path passes the Quaker burial ground.


No.5. From Jervis Court Lane past the farm SW through field to track leading to Swanmore Road.


No.6. From opposite the church the path runs past the Primary School and under trees to a stile into pasture which it crosses uphill to the junction of Well Lane and Vicarage Lane.


No.7. From Vicarage Lane by the Old Vicarage NW across footpath No.6 in large pasture to narrow path between gardens to Hampton Hill.

No.8. From Broad Lane, beside the recreation ground, past the pond and round Marsh’s Meadow. Follow the track to Lower Chase Road which the path crosses, leading past meadow and through woodland to cross Paradise Lane beyond the parish boundary. This path leads to Bishops Waltham through “The Moors” SSSI.


No.502. This runs alongside Lower Chase Road between the hedge and the back of the secondary school before skirting the school beside Hamble Brook crossing it by a wooden bridge where the path joins footpath No.9.

No.9. From Ludwells Lane near Waltham Chase along the back of the football ground to the foot bridge. Turn right into the “pylon field” along the left hand edge to cross New Road. Continue along the track called “The Lakes” to Hill Pound.

No.10. From Mayhill Lane by Mayhill Farm N around the barn to the E of the boundary fence on the edge of an arable field to the track called “Green Lane”. From the stile at this point Fawley Power Station and the Isle of Wight can be seen. Listen for skylarks.

No.11. From Vicarage Lane opposite Fullegars’ Cottages across arable field to gap in hedge bordering the orchard. Across orchard and right a bit to gap in the poplar windbreak on the Droxford Road.

No.12. Remnant of a footpath which ran from New Road to Spring Lane. It now goes into Spring Vale estate. Just to the North East also off New Road is Coronation Road which also has a public right of way through to more recent housing.

No.13. Along the track by Hillpound farmhouse to a gap in the hedge, the path runs along the southern boundary of a large arable field containing a vineyard. To the south is a narrow belt of trees in which there are wild daffodils in the Spring. The path makes a sharp turn by Dirty Copse and continues along the field edge round Tudor Cottage to Cott Street.

No.14. From Cott Street opposite the farm cottages take the farm road south to a barn. The footpath follows the tarmaced drive through the Holywell Estate past the houses and stables and down to the Meon Valley and the A32. Cross over the road and the path follows and then crosses the River Meon to Soberton Mill.

No.15. From Mayhill Lane SE between garden and paddock down into small valley and up the other side past the orchards of soft fruit and elder to the Droxford Road.

No.16. From Bishops Wood Road SW beside track to Hawks Nest Farm Dairy. Turn SE to cross Newmans Hill. The path follows the edge of Bishops Wood to a bridge over the River Meon, at the parish boundary, to Kingsmead.

No.17. From Cott Street opposite Tudor Cottage into orchard and east along the hedge to just beyond the big gate. Then through the fruit trees to a wide belt of beech trees. Through these to another orchard following the boundary until a small copse. Go through this to the parish boundary (the path continues across the fields to a path overlooking the Meon Valley.

No.18. Road used as a public path. Start from Cott Street as Path.14. Take the straight (and muddy) path to the right shortly after the barn. Continue through the wood to an estate road and follow this to Mislingford Road.

No.19. From start as Path.11 diagonally east across arable field to lowest point of Church Lane.

No.503. From the Medlicott Way Play Area to The Lakes, Footpath.9.

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